eatyourpaisley said: that’s pretty adorable


When I was little I thought Hogan, Savage & Warrior were all Puerto Ricans because they were tan like me. 

horrorhound91 said: do you think he will go back to being chimaera on the indys?

Maybe. I don’t see why he would do that though. His face is way more known than his mask is. Rodriguez is his real last name, so there’s name recognition there. I think his best bet would be to wrestle as just Rodriguez or maybe Roberto Rodriguez (which I really hope he doesn’t do) or even Edgardo Rodriguez which sounds a lot like WWE name, and ride that wave until he can’t anymore, sell the Chimaera gimmick to somebody who needs it, and eventually create a new character for himself… if he still wants to wrestle in a mask. 

Good for him

Good for him

Ricardo Rodriguez posted the following statement on his Twitter account today:"I have come to terms with WWE on my release. I want to thank them for a great 4 years. But I miss wrestling"

Okay cool

Kreayshawn Omega

Kreayshawn Omega


Well this sucks :(

That’s goddamn shame.

WCW Starrcade
2 out of 3 falls, for the United States Heavyweight championship
"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes(c)
"Stunning" Steve Austin
December 27th, 1993


"Stunning" Steve Austin
"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes
Halloween Havoc 93

Michael Cole sits down with Brie Bella.

She needs a “You know what?” shirt