I’m so fucking tired but I can’t fall asleep because

thekevinmarshall said: Strange how they cut in a clip of Pillman completely botching a hurricanrana on Liger.

Right? That was pretty dumb.


On this day: Forced to unite in the WWE Tag Team Title tournament by GM Stephanie McMahon, rivals Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit defeat Edge & Rey Mysterio in an instant classic to become the first-ever WWE Tag Team Champions. (10/20/02)

Is there any footage of Eddie with that mask?

I don’t know if he wore it in a match but he did wear it when he made his first appearance as Black Tiger. The video was on youtube, and I had it, but I lost it and it got deleted. If you can find Wild Pegasus vs Liger from August 8th 1993, its at the end of that match.

WCW introduces Eddy Guerrero

Lol @ WCW throwing shots at ECW with Misirlou

by the way, that match with Tiger Mask & Black Man, I didn’t post it so we could all have a giggle at dude’s shitty name decision. Its a good match, he was pretty fucking awesome.

I can’t even caption this like I do most matches. This is just Wild Pegasus beating the cat shit out of Tiger Mask III.

Tiger Mask
Black Man
March 12, 1982

Black Tiger II’s original mask.

Black Tiger II’s original mask.

Lately all I’ve been watching is early 90’s Sting, and Benoit, Malenko & Guerrero’s ECW stuff.

Its been a great week.